August is normally the hottest month of the year, and us Brits love nothing more than getting out in the sunshine in our gardens and enjoying it while we still can! But, as we live in a more time crunched society, the time to maintain and keep a garden looking lovely seems only possible for retirees and green fingered brigade.

So, with that in mind, we have listed a few quick tips for creating a low maintenance garden, less time pruning, more time barbecuing!


natural paving sandstone walling

1. Shrubbery such as fences need at least one major clipping and sculpting a year with some maintenance and upkeep in between. However, a nice strong wall does not require a trimming! Check out our range of wall options here.


bradstone natural paving

2. A paved area means one less piece of grass to mow! You could cover the whole space, or create a paved area for al-fresco dining! Take a look at our wide range of paving options here.


white pebbles

3. Keep weeds at bay in any areas of your garden that has bare open ground by putting down gravel. We sell loads of cobbles, pebbles and chippings in a variety of colours to suit any colour scheme. See the range here.


bradstone edging

4. Install edging as this will reduce the need for hand edging. There are many styles and materials to choose from, see our edging options available to buy direct from us here

5. Think about your plant options. There are lots of plants to avoid if you want a low maintenance haven. That means no annuals and tender plants, so no bedding plants, no vegetables and no sowing of seeds. You may also want to avoid plants which need staking; delphiniums are the most common. 


- The Landscape World team.