a lovely, eco friendly garden featuring paving, grass and a recycled table and chairs

You might assume that any garden is an environmentally friendly garden, but this is not necessarily the case! Using too much water, putting down pesticides and not recycling your garden waste are just some of the reasons why your outdoor space might be doing more harm than good.

But fear not! We have come up with some tips to help you create a sustainable garden—one that can contribute to protecting the natural world.


Use Water Butts

a water butt collecting rain water


Water butts are designed to collect rainwater, and allow you to disperse it around your garden. With the UK receiving 1064mm of rain last year, it is easy to save and store plenty of water! 

If you have plants that need watering during summer, using a water butt could help you save money, prevent problems if there is another hosepipe ban (like last year!), and help to reduce water wastage. There are a lot of chemicals and energy involved in the process of pumping water to homes, so using rain to water your plants really would make a difference.


Lay Off The Pesticides

someone spraying a tree with natural ingredients to keep away pests


Often used to kill insects and prevent the growth of weeds, pesticides are effective but can potentially harm the environment. Chemicals found in pesticides can kill plants and animals, and can even find their way into ponds and other garden water sources. 

You should consider using alternatives - for example, putting copper slug rings around your garden will help to keep slugs away without killing them. Another method is to use a garlic, rhubarb and elder leaf spray to keep insects at bay, and using vinegar instead of weedkiller to stop those pesky weeds. 


Use Sustainable Paving 

A close up view of brett omega flow block paving



Here at Landscape World, we only sell paving that has been responsibly sourced. We also stock a range of permeable paving, which allows water to seep through it rather than running over it (something that can help to reduce flash flooding). It also acts as a filtration system, by removing pollutants from the water before it returns to the ground! 

Check out our full range of Brett Omega Flow Block Paving, which is perfect for front gardens and driveways. 


Landscape World Are Here To Help

Creating your eco friendly garden couldn’t be easier! If you’re interested in seeing our permeable paving range up close, come and visit our specialist paving centre in Widnes. Here, our dedicated team can assist you and give you all the advice that you need.