Natural Stone Block Paving

Create a durable and attractive driveway with our range of natural stone block paving from Marshalls, Stonemarket, Pavestone and Vande Moortel.

  • Natural Paving Fossestone Block Paving Natural Paving Fossestone Block Paving

    Natural Paving Fossestone ia a range of natural stone block paving that provides an attractive long term solution for driveways, due to the durability of the individual blocks making them nature's alternative to concrete block paving. Whether your home has a contemporary or traditional feel, the versatile Fossestone range has the natural ability to compliment, as it encompasses a range of different stone finishes. With eight inspiring colours that individually create a stunning finish, they can be mixed and matched to incorporate contrasting borders and areas, to create unique designs.

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  • Vande Moortel Clay Pavers Vande Moortel Clay Pavers

    The Vande Moortel collection is an exclusive range of pavers. Theses rectangular, sleek pavers offer home owners and designers a world of versatility as they can be laid at a variety of angles with different applications. You can create interest in larger spaces, provide sophisticated edging to smaller areas or build textured pathways. The clay pavers have a mixture of finishes including tumbled, non-tumbled, sanded and non-sanded to give different looks. Available in single sizes only.

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