Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Sandstone

As these are natural materials cut to size there are occasional minor plan size variations. This can normally be allowed for in the laying pattern but it is recommended that layout is checked 'dry' before jointing.

Though the natural origin of stone means variation in colour is inevitable, Marshalls strives through expert hand selection, to ensure the integrity of colour within each colour range. The colours shown are a representative sample and viewing the actual product is recommended.

  • Marshalls recommends paving be laid on a full bed of mortar and recommends joint widths between 8-15mm, fully pointed with mortar or brush in equivalent.
  • Paving should never be butt jointed
  • If used indoors, paving should be sealed with a proprietary water-based acrylic sealant

Marshalls Argent Paving

  • Can be laid on a full bed of mortar with mortar-pointed joints of 8 - 10mm.
  • Can also be laid on screeded sand with sand-filled joints of 2-5mm for flag sizes 450mm or less.
  • On no account must Argent Paving be laid butt jointed.