M-Coat Products

M-Coat Products

Thanks to a unique coating, each slab has an amazing dirt-repellent transparent protective layer. Dirt just doesn't have a chance to ingress the surface. Even fat and oil from your BBQ won't penetrate the protection.

M-Coat® paving is guaranteed for 10 years from the date of purchase not to be damaged significantly by frost or to suffer from efflorescence staining. Under normal domestic conditions experience in the garden or conservatory M-Coat® paving will resist staining from most everyday household products and natural phenomenon. Specific spillages should be wiped off the paving immediately with a damp cloth to prevent permanent damage.

The guarantee on M-Coat® paving is limited to the replacement cost of the defective product only and does not extend to financial reimbursement to cover the installation works or any problems associated with installation. M-Coat® paving must not be pressure washed to clean nor subjected to de-icing salts or chemical treatments or patio sealants of any kind as these will invalidate the warranty.

Maintenance of M-Coat Products

General cleaning of M-Coat® paving should be undertaken with a mop and bucket of soapy water as per a kitchen floor. Proprietary non abrasive kitchen floor cleaning and sterilising products may be used to clean or sanitise the paving.

Specific spillages of strong coloured products should be wiped off the paving immediately with a damp cloth to prevent any permanent damage.

Maintenance of Paving

Pressure washing natural stone is not recommended as it may damage the joint pointing. Pressure washing may also damage the face of reconstituted stone and concrete paving.

We do not recommend any chemical cleaners be used on our products as this may invalidate any warranty offered. Instead we suggest that warm soapy water and a stiff broom be used should cleaning be required.


Pavestone does not accept responsibility for the effect of 'efflorescence' which is a characteristic of 'good quality' concrete having a high cement content. This phenomenon is recognised by an apparent loss of intensity of colour and the appearance of a milky white surface bloom. The effect usually fades over time and is not detrimental to the performance of the concrete functionality.

All concrete products have CE certification and comply with the necessary product characteristics and requirements within the United Kingdom and European Union