Natural Granite Paving

Granite paving is the premium in luxury natural stone. With a symmetrical, clean look, straight edges and a lightly textured surface, this natural paving is extremely hardwearing and looks fantastic in a modern, contemporary setting.

  • Brett Style Granite Paving Brett Style Granite Paving

    With its neat edges and consistent grey tones, Brett Granite paving delivers a refined look with the flamed finish giving a subtly rippled surface.

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  • Natural Paving Granite Paving Natural Paving Granite Paving

    Birch is a granite product that undergoes a 'flaming' process, to enrich the colour of the flagstone and create a lightly textured surface. birch is ideal for creating light and modern outdoor family spaces.

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  • Stonemarket Arctic Granite Paving Stonemarket Arctic Granite Paving

    With its subtly textured surface and modern colour options, Stonemarket Arctic Granite id perfect in any contemporary design situation. Each of the three colours works well on its own, or in combination. For impact try combining Midnight with Glacier. Dusk will provide a softer contrast. The innovative Arctic Granite Revolve feature is meticulously cut from Midnight and Glacier.

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  • Marshalls Eclipse Granite Paving Marshalls Eclipse Granite Paving

    Granite Eclipse has a lightly flamed surface texture, offering a stylish and modern patio product with excellent non-slip properties. Hand selected for beautiful consistent colours to ensure compatibility with a premium look. Granite Eclipse comes in five colours; choose from the three co-ordinating contemporary grey shades of Light, Dark and Graphite or opt for Corona with warm buff to golden colour and the occasional black fleck, or choose the rich mocha coloured Terra which is suitable for both traditional and modern settings.

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