Natural Slate Paving

Our natural slate paving is available in two different types - Indian slate and Brazilian slate. Both provide a high quality finish in a range of stunning colours. Slate paving looks fantastic in either a contemporary or traditional setting.

  • Stonemarket Nordus Slate Paving Stonemarket Nordus Slate Paving

    Stonemarket Nordus is a beautiful clean-splitting slate from Brazil with diamond sawn edges and a natural split surface that has been lightly brushed to impact a clean contemporary look. Available in two colour shades, Nordus Schwarz is deep blue-grey while Nordus Gris is a slightly green mid-grey. Nordus comes in large format sizes and accurately calibrated to thickness. steps, new for 2016, complete the range.

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  • Natural Paving Premiastone Slate Natural Paving Premiastone Slate

    The Premiastone collection offers flagstones that have neen machine cut to give a contemporary, smooth or lightly textured 'squared edge' look.

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  • Brett Style Slate Paving Brett Style Slate Paving

    High quality Brazilian Slate is carefully hand selected from the quarry for their natural beauty. Style Slate creates characterful riven surfaces and is available in Olive Black or Woodland Grey and offers a modern, contemporary look with its naturally occurring tones.

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  • Slate Paving - Blue and Black Shades Slate Paving - Blue and Black Shades

    A collection from leading supplies of deep colour dark blue and black slate paving.

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  • Slate Paving - Grey Shades Slate Paving - Grey Shades

    Lighter blue almost grey shades and green shades of natural slate paving from leading suppliers.

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  • Marshalls Fairstone Casarta Slate Marshalls Fairstone Casarta Slate

    A beautiful larger format, high quality slate from Brazil which imparts a clean contemporary feel. Naturally split and hand selected for a smooth, gently riven surface. Three larger sizes which can be laid together in a random pattern or singularly for an ultra modern look Carefully hand selected for colour to ensure a natural blend throughout your patio.

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  • Slate Paving - Copper Shades Slate Paving - Copper Shades

    A collection of slates from leading suppliers sorted into the rich Golden Rusty Slate tones.

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