Stonemarket Trustone

Stonemarket trustone s an extensive collection of high quality natural stone paving. Ethically sources and hand selected for both purity of colour and dimensional accuracy, the paving is calibrated to a consistent thickness to make laying quick and easy. Trustone Linear, with its sawn edges and innovative format brings a clean modern look to the range.

  • Stonemarket Trustone Paving Torvale Stonemarket Trustone Paving Torvale

    An unusual dolomitic limestone, Trustone Torvale has a relatively consistent dark grey colour that lightens as ot weathers due to its natural mineral content. It has a generally smooth texture typical of limestone while its diamond sawn edges give it a contemporary clean cut appearance. In common with the rest of the Trustone range Torvale is ethically sourced through independently audited supply chain.

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  • Stonemarket Trustone Paving Fellstyle Stonemarket Trustone Paving Fellstyle

    Trustone Fellstyle is a hard-wearing quartzitic sandstone, relatively consistent in both texture and colour. Its neutral light-grey colour shades make it extremely versatile; it can be used very effectively in traditional garden designs but it is equally at home in much more contemporary schemes, especially in the Trustone Linear format.

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  • Stonemarket Trustone Paving Fieldland Stonemarket Trustone Paving Fieldland

    Trustone Fieldland is a highly durable quartzitic sandstone with colour shades ranging from greyish-brown to khaki. Similar in appearance to new riven English Yorkstone, Trustone Fieldland blends attractively with almost any surroundings. Choose the traditional appearance and superb craftsmanship of our Trustone Radius features or the much more contemporary feel of Trustone Linear Fieldland.

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  • Stonemarket Trustone Paving Glenmoor Stonemarket Trustone Paving Glenmoor

    A durable, gently riven quartzitic sandstone, Trustone Glenmoor comes in varying shades of buff, with occasional darker brown markings. A Glenmoor Trustone Radius circle kit is available which can be inset into Glenmoor paving using Corner Infill Sets with no cutting required. Trustone Linear Glenmoor provides a more contemporary look.

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