Our fantastic range of walling can add an attractive edge to any outdoor space, forming the perfect boundary to help you to define and construct your landscape. With a selection of colours, textures, sizes and shapes, you’ll find the perfect match to your setting.

  • Bradstone Pitched Walling Bradstone Pitched Walling

    Bradstone Pitched Walling available in three sizes and two colours. Using traditional dressing methods to reveal the natural decorative aggregate chippings, Bradstone Pitched looks every inch an authentic stone wall. While the double-sided blocks make Pitched ideal for garden features such as barbecues.

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  • Bradstone Panache Walling Bradstone Panache Walling

    Looking for a contemporary garden walling to complement your modern garden, Bradstone Panache Walling range will add that design feature. Available in a single size walling block and coping stone that can also be used as an edging stone. Three contemporary shades available.

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  • Marshalls Fairstone Walling Marshalls Fairstone Walling

    Available in two attractive colours that blend seamlessly with any Marshalls natural stone paving. Marshalls Natural stone Walling, available in pitched or tumbled finishes, ideal for adding character to any setting. Ethically sourced natural stone walling.

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  • Madoc Walling Madoc Walling

    Rustic slate walling made easy with Bradstone Madoc Walling. With its authentic Weathered Cotswold look, Madoc is the perfect walling solution for cottage gardens. Its z-shaped blocks, plus interlocking stones enable dry laying to three blocks high, make it extremely easy to build and ideal for single-sided walls, step risers and raised planters.

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  • Stonemarket Rio Walling Stonemarket Rio Walling

    With a granular granite-effect texture, and a choice of cool tones, Stonemarket Rio Walling will perfectly complement many of our more contemporary ranges. Perfect for use with Stonemarket Rio Paving. Quion Ends are used in corner and end situations.

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  • Natural Paving Sandstone Walling Natural Paving Sandstone Walling

    Stone walling and copings provide a natural way to encompass outside living areas and create inspiring features in larger spaces.

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  • Brett Westminster Walling Brett Westminster Walling

    Brett Westminster garden collection features Paving, Circle, Walling and Coping to provide maximum flexibility.

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  • Natural Stone Coping Stones Natural Stone Coping Stones

    Coping stones add an elegant finish touch your garden wall. Choose a stone to complement your new patio or consider using a contrasting colour to add a striking feature.

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  • Bradstone Traditional Walling Bradstone Traditional Walling

    Bradstone Traditional Walling replicates a time-worn natural walling block, with the convenience of uniformed sizes. Available in two colours.

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