4 Benefits of Granite Paving

Granite is one of our bestselling natural stone pavings, and it’s easy to see why! Known as the ultimate luxury paving option, there are many reasons why it’s considered the crème de la crème. Some of the great pyramids of Egypt were even constructed using the natural stone! We’re going to look at the benefits of granite paving, and whether it’s the right choice for your outdoor space.


1. Aesthetic

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The natural beauty of granite seems to be the top reason why people choose it. Available in a variety of shades (mostly different variations of grey), it really is a lovely choice, especially for modern and contemporary gardens. Our very own Natural Granite Paving is a prime example with its clean, straight edges and symmetrical appearance.  


2. Durability

Granite is known for being long-lasting and resilient. It’s a tough paving that is perfect if you have children, pets or are likely to drag your garden furniture from one end of the patio to the other! Ultimately, it is pretty scratch-proof and difficult to wear down.

3. Low maintenance

As well as its durability, granite is also known for its low maintenance qualities. Other than applying a sealant, it doesn’t require any upkeep! Rain should keep it clean, and if you want it completely spotless, then an easy brush or pressure wash should do the job.

4. Safe

An important feature of granite paving is its slip-resistance. The stone has a lightly textured surface which can stop you from slipping, something that’s very important for those with small children! It’s also heat resistant, so won’t get too hot if you place a BBQ on it. 

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It is clear that Granite Paving is a great choice if you’re looking for a safe, long-lasting and natural looking patio. 

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