5 Winter Gardening Tips

winter gardening tips

In the UK, winter is well and truly on its way. If you’re wondering what you can do to get your garden ready for the cold season, then take a look at these expert tips from the Landscape World team:


1. Rake the lawn

Go over your lawn with a rake to remove fallen leaves, thatch and moss that’s been building up over the last few months. As well as making it look tidier, raking your grass will give it a chance to breathe and help with growth.


2. Put away your garden tools

Keep your tools spick and span by giving them a clean and making sure you put them away before the winter season kicks in. If they’re particularly dirty, we advise scraping any mud off first before dipping them in warm soapy water and drying them with a towel. You could also oil any metal blades to help prevent rust setting in. 


3. Add compost to flower beds

If you have unused bags of compost, make sure to keep them covered so the rain can’t get in. If you have any spare opened bags, we’d recommend working the compost into the garden to improve the soil - this will ensure your plants are happier and healthier when spring comes around.


4. Cover outdoor furniture

Ideally, you’d want to keep your furniture in a shed or garage over the winter period. If this is something you’re not able to do, then we recommend purchasing some breathable covers which are specially designed to protect your furniture from the elements. We also suggest cleaning and drying your items before you do this to prevent any rust or mildew setting in. 


5. Invest in porcelain paving

If you’re thinking of giving your garden a revamp in time for winter, porcelain paving is a must-have. This durable material is resistant to grime, mould and frost, making it ideal for the cold season. It’s also incredibly low maintenance, which means you don’t need to worry about it over the next few months. 

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