Create The Perfect Country-Style Garden

Contrary to popular belief, paving isn’t just square and rectangular slabs of stone! There are loads of different styles and shapes to choose from, as well as varying finishes. This means that they’re perfect for creating a particular theme within a garden. 

Traditional country gardens are synonymous with lush green borders and rustic planting - as well as round areas of paving which give the garden a real cozy feel. 

So, here are a few ideas to get you started on creating your very own country-style garden! 

1. Paving circles and features like these are essential when creating a lovely centrepiece surrounded with delicate potted plants and shrubbery. 

2. Cobbles like these Bradstone Cobble Paving Straight Carpet Stones can be a lovely way of incorporating more rustic textures into your outdoor space, as well as making your personal plot of land a romantic, historical feel. Make sure to choose a grout in a neutral shade to ensure they look authentic! 

3. Decorative edging will provide a great boundary for your garden and patio space, as well as creating contrast between the beautiful greenery and the natural stone. Earthy, rural finishes like this Old Town Edging are a surefire way of adding a touch of country life to even the most urban of gardens.