Decking or Paving: Which is Best?

decking or paving

When it comes to expanding your outdoor space, decking and paving are two of the most popular options for gardens across the country. Both make a garden more usable, effectively extending your living space. 

Whether you decide to invest in decking or paving, both are great for providing a flat durable surface for outdoor tables, seating, BBQs, and even hot tubs. 

However, you need to consider and decide which is the best option for your house and garden. 

Do you want decking or paving? Which option is best for your individual needs? Here we take a quick look at the options to help you decide whether decking or paving is most suitable for your garden.

Decking vs. paving 

When it comes to choosing decking or paving, the best way to work this out is by putting them head to head. 



Decking is expensive. Depending on the type and style of wood or material you choose. There’s a wide range of options, including non-slip, insect resistant, and UV resistant. 

Naturally, the more durable and resistant the material, the higher the costs. How much it costs also depends on whether you have the decking installed, or if you build it yourself. 

In most cases, you could be talking anywhere between several hundred to several thousand pounds for wood or decking made out of other materials. Then you’ve got to think about maintaining this decking which - especially if it’s made out of wood - is going to cost something every year. More durable materials do come with lower maintenance costs, and they last longer, but will definitely cost more to buy and install. 


Wooden decking is fairly durable and can carry a decent amount of weight, such as a patio set, outdoor sofas and a BBQ. But if you want decking to carry more, you will need to invest more in durable materials, installation, and upkeep. 

In this country, we do need to consider the weather. Rain, snow, ice, damp, wind, and storms are going to affect the lifespan of wooden decking. Hence the increasing popularity of decking made out of other, more durable materials. Unfortunately, these cost more, and don’t come with that natural style many people love. 


Wooden decking patios come in a wide range of styles. You can also install decking on a terrace, away from the house, or low to the ground. In most cases, the type of wood and varnish you choose ensures a natural look. 

Or you can go with different styles of durable plastics, recycled materials, and a range of UV, slip or insect-resistant options. They can look very stylish, and fit well with other garden furniture, features, and the exterior of your home. 



Paving is typically cheaper than decking. Depending on the materials you choose, and whether you install it yourself, you might only need to spend a few hundred pounds on a nice area of paving. You could put paving anywhere; near the house, or in the garden. 


Paving is naturally more durable. Paving can withstand the British weather, doesn’t need much (if any) upkeep, and can hold more. Tables and chairs, outdoor sofas, BBQs, and hot tubs can all be positioned on paving, with the weight carried easily. And it’s not something you really need to worry about, even in the event of bad weather. 


When it comes to picking a paving or patio material, there’s a wide range of options to choose from, such as: 

All of this makes it easier to pick a cost-effective style and material to fit well with your house and garden. 

Which is best: decking or paving? 

  • Cost: Paving and patios are cheaper than decking. Cheaper to buy, install, and upkeep. Paving wins this one. 
  • Durability: Stone is more durable than wood and other materials, meaning a stone patio is more likely to withstand British weather and conditions. You can also put pretty much anything on the patio, including hot tubs and heavy outdoor furniture. 
  • Style: In most cases, as British properties are made from bricks or stone, paving is more in line with homes and gardens in this country. Paving also comes in a wide range of styles, making this the more attractive option in many ways - especially when you factor in the lower cost and stronger nature of stone paving. 

When it comes to the choice of paving or decking, it appears that paving is the clear winner

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