Garden Grotto - Preparing Your Garden for Winter

December is here; the nights are getting longer and it’s a constant battle with the elements. From sunny and crisp, to wet, wild and windy - you just don’t know what’s coming next!

Gardens are often neglected during the winter months, but if you do manage to catch a sunny day, then it’s definitely worth giving your outdoor space some TLC before Christmas.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Even though you might not be spending a lot of time in the garden during this time of year, having a lovely view outside is always something to look forward to in the morning. Raking those remaining autumn leaves, cutting the grass, and even planting some winter favourites such as heather, pansies and cyclamen can instantly spruce things up.

Better still, putting down some paving to allow for a cosy outdoor seating area could be all it takes to tempt you outside. We recommend our Natural Limestone Paving in Carbon Black, which would be perfect for a winter evening.


Create a Bird Haven


If you’re interested in wildlife, you could create an environment to attract winter birds such as robins and bramblings. Putting some logs, stumps and branches in a corner of your garden can provide shelter for birds, and can again contribute to a cosy and atmospheric outdoor space. Just having a bird box is another option. For robins, open-fronted boxes are needed, whilst other small birds could do with a smaller opening. A bird bath also wouldn’t go amiss, and can be used as an opportunity to further decorate your garden.


Encourage Father Christmas to Visit

Having little ones in your family could be the perfect excuse to create a Christmas grotto-themed garden this winter. Using your old shed or setting up a gazebo are just two possible ideas, accompanied with fairy lights, stocking fillers and plenty of hot chocolates. You could even create a path imprinted with Rudolph’s footsteps using our Polar White Chippings and some fake snow.


Still stuck for ideas? Check out our homepage for any other landscaping items that could help create your perfect winter garden. Alternatively, if you would like to come and see our products up close, head to our specialist paving centre in Widnes.

With 25 years as a family-run business, we would love to welcome you to our centre and give you any advice that you might need!