Garden Lighting Ideas

Garden lighting can completely transform your outdoor space in both practical and decorative ways, allowing you to make full use of your garden’s potential. 

So, whether you're looking to add extra lighting for better visibility after dark, or something for purely decorative purposes; there are a range of options available to suit all styles.

Fairy lights

Perhaps seen as the most decorative, outdoor string fairy lights can be intricately woven around tree trunks, or through branches, shrubs or bushes to create a pretty atmosphere that'll prevent you from wanting to return inside! 

For added wow factor you can create a canopy of sparkling garden fairy lights high above.

Wall lights

A little more practical, yet just as decorative, wall lights are a less harsh alternative to floodlights, which can be a little intrusive. Outdoor wall lights come in all shapes and sizes, providing you with a great opportunity to find something similar to your interior lighting, therefore blurring the inside and out. 

Floor lights

Solar powered floor lights can prevent you from taking a tumble into the bushes in the dark as they’ll be lighting up your pathway in the evenings. You can also use them to highlight particular features in your garden such as ornaments or seating areas for both style and security.

Up lights

Placing up-lights at the bottom of your trees and plants in your garden will literally put them in the spotlight and this type of lighting can make for atmospheric, romantic and the right side of dramatic. 

Be aware that high-pressure sodium lamps are not a good choice for uplighting plants and trees and the light wavelength emitted can disrupt the growth patterns of the plants, making them more vulnerable to injury. Instead, opt for mercury vapor, metal halide or fluorescent lamps and these will not harm your plants. Alternatively, solar lights are an inexpensive, low-intensity option.

Now that you’ve been inspired by a few outdoor lighting ideas, it’s time to focus on your own garden lighting design and set the atmosphere for a series of cosy, well-spent evenings in the garden!