Top Garden Trends for 2021 Revealed

With a new year now upon us, we're looking forward to the up and coming garden trends of 2021.

From trending colour schemes to Insta worthy gardens, we cover the predicted big looks of the year and provide some tips on how to replicate the look in your own outdoor space.


Bringing the inside, outside

You only have to have a quick scroll through Instagram to see that this is one of the biggest trends of the last year and it's showing no signs of slowing down. As the country was in lockdown and many looked outside their own four walls for an escape, the appeal of bringing the inside, outside really took hold.

Whether it's adding soft furnishings in the form of rugs, beanbags and throw cushions to oversized outdoor furniture, or installing your own cinema style screen with use of a projector, there's lots of ways you can make your patio as comfy cosy as possible.

Plus with the rise of outdoor cooking with pizza ovens and more than a few home bars popping up, you can really spend the warmer months enjoying your outdoor space.



A stylish patio can make the biggest difference to this trend - a style that's low maintenance such as our Porcelain Paving in Quartz Grey would fit the bill perfectly.


White Gardens

There has been a trend for lots of white flowers and foliage recently so if you prefer a more neutral colour palette, this is the one for you. White flowers are great for shadier corners of the garden as they add a bit of brightness and will perfectly mix with any other tones too.

Try snowdrops, roses, anemones or jasmine for gorgeous floral scents and if you're looking for an evergreen shrub, a Sarcococca is a great option for growing in the sun or the shade.


Anything low maintenance is usually a big win so the trend for allowing your garden to grow a little bit wild will be a welcome one. Gardeners today are more aware of the impact their outdoor spaces have on the natural environment and we're seeing a big trend towards a more sustainable approach.

To master this look, consider sowing some wildflowers into your garden to add some bright colour, let your borders grow a little freer and encourage wildlife such as butterflies, birds and bees into your space with nectar rich plants and extra food.


Potted windowsills

The recent lockdowns have created a real boom in windowsill plants to really make the most of any available space you have. Simple herbs and succulents are an easy way to bring a bit of nature to your home and if you have a balcony only, smaller plants are the way to go.


Grey Gardens

Grey gardens are also very in this year. To master the trend on a budget, think rattan furniture, painted fences and tonal aggregates. We have a fantastic range of pebbles and gravels that can really transform the look and feel of an area, for little cost and time. View our full range online here.



Landscape World are here to help

What trends will you incorporate into your outdoor space this year? We hope we've given you some all important inspiration!

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