How to Choose Your Garden Paving

Choosing the right paving for your patio, path or driveway is no easy task, and it can be the difference between a good end result or an amazing end result. So, how do you go about choosing the right paving for your project?

When done correctly, a garden patio can transform a drab space into a sanctuary, and a driveway can add tons of kerb appeal to your home, so here are some top tips from Landscape World to help you make the right choices when choosing your paving.

 Look at the purpose of your paving and where it is being used

Is this going to be an area that has high footfall? Will it be constantly hit by wet weather?

You need to consider the purpose of the paving and then decide on the materials that will suit. For instance, if you are looking to lay down paving from a set of bi-folding doors, you will most probably need to look at the slip resistance as well as something that is durable.

Natural stone is a good choice as it weathers well and practically lasts a lifetime. Check out our different varieties of natural stone paving on offer. 

Which colour will work best?

Decorative paving blocks can come in all sorts of colours, and though bold may be beautiful, will it work with the existing colours in your garden? Natural and neutral colours will last a lifetime and should work with any changing garden furniture.

You may also want to think about the use of your garden when choosing the colour of your paving. Will the kids be jumping in muddy puddles then walking across your silver coloured paving? Unless you want to be constantly cleaning the slabs after them, you might be better off with a darker colour. 

 What's your style?

Is your house traditional or contemporary in style? Do you want your paving material to match with the style of the house, or are you looking to contrast the old with the new?

If your house is very traditional then you might opt for an all-rounder such as Yorkstone, which seems to work in pretty much any situation. If you’ve got a contemporary house then you might prefer something with a cleaner sharper look, maybe slate or granite. 

Ready to buy your paving?

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