8 Tips on How to Create a Modern Garden Design


We've all spent a lot of time gazing at our gardens and patios over the last year and if you're yearning to transform the look of your outdoor space, it helps to get as much inspiration as possible before you embark on a new garden design.

Here, we share our top 8 tips for creating a modern and contemporary look for your garden, with the use of paving, colour palettes and the addition of some key focal points too.


1. Choose a base colour for your paving

To create a contemporary look, it helps to choose a base colour for your garden design. Typically, darker colours such as greys and blacks work well for a pared back look so pick a paving slab which doesn't have too many natural variations in to ensure it looks simple and elegant.

Our Quartz Anthracite Porcelain Paving is a great option to choose for a modern paved area, plus porcelain paving has a huge number of benefits - we've listed some of our favourite reasons why it's a great choice here.



2. Stick to tonal colours

When choosing other materials and features for your modern garden design, it can often help to stick to a smaller colour palette with tonal shades. If you've chosen a grey paving, stick to similar, dark tones when it comes to picking gravels or aggregates. If you've gone for something with more earthy, brown tones, lighter accents will keep the space looking as contemporary as possible.

We have a fantastic range of decorative aggregates available online to match all colour schemes.


3. Choose good lighting

Great outdoor lighting can make a big difference to an outdoor space - not only does it show your garden at its best, but there's the added security element too. To transform your modern outdoor space into a real sanctuary, consider spotlights or up and down lighters to create a lovely glow.


4. Focus on simple garden furniture 

A well designed seating area can provide the focal point for any garden and with a more modern look, you'll again want to choose something that works tonally with the rest of your space. Stick to a few materials, such as wicker chairs, glass tables and monochrome rugs to draw the eye to the space.



5. Don't choose too many different flowers

Although it's tempting when designing a new garden to want to go wild with your greenery and flowers, a modern design can benefit from a smaller colour selection. Go for lots of greens and maybe an accent shade such as purple to ensure the space looks as contemporary as possible.

This Blue Natural Limestone Paving from our range has an even colour, which combined with its smooth surface finish, makes it a perfect choice for contemporary garden areas.


6. Give fences and wooden features a lick of paint

If you're just wanting to update your existing outdoor space without spending too much, changing the colour of your fence or any wooden features you have can make a big difference without breaking the bank.

By choosing one colour for all of your woodwork, you can create a definite border around your space, and make the whole area look a lot brighter and neater.



7. Incorporate glass into the design

If you have existing glass doors leading into your garden, it instantly looks a look more modern and streamlined, but if this isn't something you're looking to change in your home, adding some glass into your new garden design can help to open the space up. Whether that's as part of your railings or separating dfferent levels of the garden off, it can make a big difference to the overall feel.

Our Brazilian Slate Paving, pictured here, is a high-quality slate that has been selected for its unique riven surface and is available in two naturally stunning darker shades - perfect for any modern design.


8. Add contemporary focal features

Another smaller change which you could add into your existing garden is to add a few contemporary features to lift the whole space. Stone planters in neutral colours work well as a focal point, as do tall patio heaters which are both functional and attractive. If you're a fan of outdoor entertaining, you could also add in a fire pit or pizza oven to really transform the area! 


Shop our full range for more inspiration

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