How to create a Scandinavian garden design

Being able to enjoy the great outdoors via your own little garden sanctuary can often be priceless during spring and summer, but in some places, such as Scandinavian countries, it's simply not warm enough to spend too much time outside. So, you feel like you have to make the most of it while the weather's good.

However, the main feature of a Scandinavian garden is to make the most out of the not-so-warm weather and to provide you with a way to enjoy it, so here's some key ideas that will help you to achieve a Scandinavian garden design.



Keep warm

Investing in a fire pit or chiminea will not only help to create a focal point in your outdoor seating area, but it will also provide you with some much-needed warmth and somewhere to make impromptu toasted marshmallows.

Don't fancy an open fire? Get an outdoor heat lamp instead and pile the cosy cushions and soft throws high. (Just remember to take them indoors during the wet weather.)



porcelain paving

Keep your garden maintained

Creating a peaceful and serene outdoor space requires maintenance. Weeds or clutter don't really fit into a Scandinavian theme, so try to make a commitment to tidy your garden regularly (even if the middle of Winter).

A large paving area will reduce a lot of the upkeep that comes with a lawn, and porcelain paving replicates planed natural wood paving planks - perfect for creating a clean cut natural looking design that seamlessly extends the indoor to the outdoor. 


garden lighting

Light the way 

Creating a serene and calm space normally involves lots of soothing candles when indoors, but candles aren't always the most practical choice outside in the UK thanks to an abundance of blustery winds or rainy weather during Autumn and Winter, so try opting for fairy lights or lanterns instead. 

Light lends warmth to a winter garden, which can easily be incorporated by trailing fairy lights through planters and around posts. Plus, you can mark your pathway using led lighting.



Pay attention to the small details

A significant part of Scandinavian design is to take pleasure in the little things, so incorporating wildlife feeders into your outdoor area so you can enjoy watching birds and small wildlife is a great way to translate this into your garden.

Creating a Scandinavian inspired garden is as much about attitude as it is about placing the right objects in the right places. However, once you’ve grasped this laidback and beautiful way to enjoy your Scandinavian-inspired garden, then you might not want to go back indoors again!