How to Manage a Large Garden

It feels as if everyone wants a large garden, but having one isn’t always that easy! As you get older, the prospect of maintaining a big outdoor space can be daunting, and even encourages some people to downsize their property when they get to retirement.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to come to that! We’ve come up with some tips to help you manage your large garden.

Spade in Soil

Hire someone to help

If you can afford it, then hiring a professional to tend to your garden can instantly make any stress go away. What’s great about professional gardeners is that they’re usually very flexible, and willing to attend your garden as often as you need them to.

Furthermore, having a specialist working on your outdoor space means that you can learn some tips and tricks along the way!

Lay down artificial grass

For some, replacing their lawn with artificial grass is a big no-no! But for others, it’s a practical decision that’s worth it in the long run. Although you won’t get that lovely, fresh smell after mowing the lawn, you won’t have to mow anything at all!

An extra benefit of artificial grass is that it can’t be dug upideal if you have pets or young children in your family! And if you look after it properly, an artificial lawn can last between 7 and 10 years, making it a long-term, hassle-free solution.

Extend your patio

Extending your patio is an effective way of reducing your lawn size, and would create an area that requires very little upkeep! Porcelain paving is perfect if you want something that is high-quality and low maintenance.

The Bradstone Mode Textured Porcelain Paving is the ultimate choice, partially because of its durable nature but also because of its slip-resistant qualities.


Landscape World are here to help

We hope some of these ideas will help make your garden easier to manage! If you want more advice, come and visit our fantastic paving centre for all of your landscaping needs.

As well as paving, we also stock aggregates such as pebbles, gravel and building materials to help you create your perfect outdoor space.