How to Stop Ice and Snow From Damaging Your Paving

Winter is well and truly here. The temperatures have dropped, and there’s already been a few erratic hail and snow showers! A little bit of snow that melts away usually doesn’t cause any issues, but when it sticks and turns into ice, that’s when problems start to emerge. To help protect your outdoor space from the elements, we have made a list of ways to prevent damage to your driveways and gardens that contain paving. 

1. Get a plastic snow shovel

Of course, when it snows, one of the first things you do is start shovelling it. But to prevent damage to your driveway or patio area, you should consider using a plastic shovel instead of a metal one. The problem with snow is that it’s difficult to see what’s underneath it, so if you’re digging with a metal shovel, you might accidentally scratch your paving. On the other hand, plastic shovels are too light to cause any damage, and are generally cheaper to buy which is an added bonus.

2. Use sand

De-icers and salt are the obvious choices when dealing with snow or ice in the winter months, but did you know that sand is a great alternative? Although it doesn’t cause snow or ice to melt, it provides a good amount of grip and traction when spread on top of icy or snowy surfaces. And better still, sand won’t cause any structural or cosmetic damage to paving. Some de-icers contain strong chemicals that can cause discolouration and cracks, and some salt can cause discolouration if it’s not washed away after use. Sand is definitely the safe option.

3. Seal the paving’s cracks or gaps

This should preferably be done before snow or ice sets in. Usually, little cracks in paving are normal and nothing to worry about, but when water gets into these cracks and freezes, the damage is worsened and in some cases, can cause potholes. Filling these gaps with a paving sealer before the temperatures drop further is a good idea.

4. Invest in durable, weatherproof paving

If you’re thinking about purchasing new paving for your driveway or garden, then you should definitely consider its weatherproofing qualities. Porcelain paving is known for being particularly durable and low-maintenance. Easy to wash, it doesn’t get stained easily and is particularly moisture-resistant.  

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