Our Paving Brochure Receives a Fantastic Review

We were very pleased to see our 2015 paving brochure reviewed by the Paving Expert last month, and it was a pleasure to hear our small brochure being praised.  

At Landscape World, we are a 'one-stop supplier for all your hard-landscaping needs'. We're very proud to stock a wide range of products from major manufacurers, as well as our own brand of paving. 

We tried to keep our brochure as informative and streamlined as possible and we're delighted that it has come across this way. There's lots of new imagery included that will hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas if you're looking to transform your driveway or patio.  

We were very lucky to have our installation guide, which appears in the back of our brochure, written by the Paving Expert himself! It's full of all kinds of interesting bits, from how to lay and seal your paving, to which options to choose and how to look after them. 

It's a really invaluable guide if you're thinking of getting a new patio and driveway and will help you get the most out of the products available here at Landscape World.  

You can read the full review here: pavingexpert.com/news368.htm and you can view our full 2015 brochure online here: http://bit.ly/1QexfXl


- The Landscape World team.