Sealing Your Paving

You've laid your patio design but you're not quite sure what the next step is - to seal or not to seal?

We’ve teamed up with the Paving Expert again and asked for his advice when it comes to getting the most out of your patio:


"Some suppliers would have you believe that sealing is essential for your new paving. If that is so, how did we manage for thousands of years without modern sealants to protect all those Roman pavements, medieval carriageways and streets of the industrial revolution?

Sealing is optional. We believe that there should be a good reason to seal paving, otherwise leave it be. Maybe your patio is overlooked by Sycamore or Lime trees, which drop a sticky black goo throughout the growing season. Or perhaps you're a big fan of the barbecue and there's grease, ketchup, red wine and worse regularly spilled.

If your paving is at risk, then come and talk to us, and we'll advise on what would be the most appropriate sealant, but don't just apply a sealant because you think you have to.

The one notable exception is Black Limestone. This is a lovely stone and is rightly popular with many of our customers. But left unsealed, the deepest grey colouring which originally attracts so many, will fade in sunlight and in a relatively short time, it becomes a much paler steel grey.

Landscape World has found a particular sealant, Adseal Stone and Slate Protector, which not only protects the stone from staining, but prevents the fading and helps keep those lovely dark tones intact. And remember, all sealants have a limited life span. We try to supply the best value-for-money sealants on the market but even these will need to be replenished every few years, so don't kid yourself that sealing is a 'treat and forget' process - it's not!"


If you have any questions about our paving or how best to maintain it, please get in touch with us here at Landscape World and we will be able to answer your questions.

- The Landscape World Team.