Tips for Laying Circles and Features


The Paving Expert is back with his top tips to help you to get the most out of your paving. This month, we're focusing on circles and features, and how to make sure they look their best in your patio design. 

"Sometimes, including a circle feature can enhance a larger patio area or courtyard. And for some gardens, a circle on its own provides the perfect solution for a table and chairs, or even to carry a feature such as a fountain, bird feeder or statue. Landscape World offer a wide range of circles in various types of stone (and in concrete), in a generous range of colours and a wide selection of sizes.

The key to successfully laying a circle is to start in the centre and work outwards. Think about how it will drain: a standalone circle might need to be higher in the centre than at the outside edge, while circles set within larger paved areas should have the same fall as the surrounding paving.

Use a moist mortar for the bed and place each segment in a ring before tapping them down to final level, as they might needed to be shifted a little one way or another to give a regularly-spaced and even-looking ring. Complete each ring before moving on to the next."

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- The Landscape World Team.