Transform Your Garden On A Budget

It’s a misconception that you need hundreds of pounds to be able to transform your garden into a lovely outdoor space. With Landscape World’s little tips and tricks, it’s cheap and easy to give it a new lease of life!



1. The simplest and cheapest options? Cut the lawn! Take it a step further by shaping the grassy areas of your garden into a specific shape to really jazz it up. Mark out with string and just use a spade to cut away the unwanted grass. Why not plant some of your favourite flowers along the edge or even use some of our Aggregates to create some contrast?



2. Much more affordable than paving, using gravel or pebbles to create a path or patio area in your garden is a great way to save money but still give your garden a well deserved update. Just make sure you lay down some form of permeable membrane to prevent any weeds poking through. We suggest a product like these Duck Egg Pebbles or these Slate Chippings



3. When adding new plants to the garden, the most cost effective way is with perennials. These divide really easily; all you have to do is use “clump-forming” varieties such as geraniums and astrantia. Pull these apart when they’re out of their pots and make sure each section contains roots and stalks. Once you have dug your hole, plant each part as you would normally.

The amazing thing about planting this way is that every year that they grow, you can repeat the process to get even more lovely flowers!



4. You can buy outdoor lighting nowadays as a really effective yet wallet-friendly way to really create a sense of coziness in your garden. Fairy lights are perfect for sprinkling through trees or bushes, or even dangling over the shed! Solar powered outdoor lights are also a really great way of lining a path or lighting up a patio area.