Transform Your Garden With Gravel & Aggregates

There are lots of considerations when it comes to designing your ourdoor space - how easy will it be to maintain? Is it within your budget? Will it do the right job?

Sometimes the easiest and simplest solution is the right one. Suitable for patios, paths, borders, features and driveways, gravels and aggregates are the ideal way to add those all-important finishing touches to your landscaping project.

Here, we've put together some ways you can use decorate aggregates for your outdoor space:



Add Colour

Gravel and aggregates are the perfect way to add some different shades into your garden. With a range of colours, shapes and sizes available, you can create borders or fill in areas with ease. Plus if you're looking to keep things low maintenance without planting any flowers or greenery, you can still add some brightness and depth to an otherwise dull area.

We love this sunset red gravel, which looks fantastic when wet. 


Create Separate Areas

If you fancy turning your hand to garden design, gravels are a great way to separate areas in your outdoor space. Reducing the need for more structural dividers, you can quickly and easily map out diffferent parts of a space, adding interest to the side of a driveway or grassed areas.

One of our most popular products, this pure white dolomitic marble gives an amazing sparkle to brighten any project. Purchase online here.


Tidy Borders and Edges

Sometimes borders and the edges of grass can look messy and are hard to keep on top of when using a lawn mower - especially if they directly meet the bricks of your home. Try using gravels or chippings to create an extra buffer and to mark a tidier edge between shrubs and plants.


It's a Cheaper Alternative to Paving

If you need to transform a driveway or patio, gravels can be a great alternative to paving that doesn't stretch the bank balance too much. A gravel driveway has a satisfying crunch to it and if you've got lots of traffic in your garden, it can be a more hardwearing option to grass.

This golden gravel is durable and adds a lovely neutral tone to any space - available here.


It's Lower Maintenance Than Grass

Mowing the grass can be a real chore but gravels, chippings and decorate aggregates mean there's less ground to cover with your lawn mower. Plus no raking and disposing of the grass after each time!

These scottish pebbles are a premium rounded granite pebble in grey, brown and red colour tones, plus they're suitable for pools and fish ponds - available here.



From gravels and cobbles to chippings and pebbles, our range is available to purchase in both small and bulk bags.

Our decorate aggregates are available to purchase with us here online - we offer local delivery, UK delivery and our fantastic click & collect service.

Find the full range here.