Update Your Outdoor Space This Spring - Summer

Spring is finally here and we've been enjoying lovely weather over the last few weeks here in the North West.

Now the warmer weather is approaching, it's the perfect time to think about your outdoor space and how to enjoy it most over the next few months. Follow our outdoor guide to help make the most of your patio and garden this Spring - Summer season.


1. Create a relaxing space. Now's the time to really enjoy being outside and the ideal opportunity to think about adding some more luxury elements to your garden. Gazebos are a great addition - providing shade from the bright sun and a tranquil place in which to retreat.

2. Plant new flowers. A simple but really effective way to transform any outdoor space - from plant pots and hanging baskets to garden borders, bright flowers are especially gorgeous in the warmer months. Head to your local nursery or garden centre to see what's available to buy and get planting!


3. Invest in your patio. A stunning patio can really transform your outdoor space and we have a fantastic range of colours, styles and designs available to create a truly unique look. Add a barbecue and outdoor seating, and you have the perfect recipe for a summer party!


4. Grow vegetables. Starting sowing some vegetable seeds now and reap the benefits come Autumn. Courgettes, sweetcorn, quinoa and asparagus are great to start planting this spring. We love this beginners guide here.


5. Add new aggregates. A really simple way to change up your existing design, aggregates can be used for pathways, borders, features and as plant toppers. Choose from our wide range of colours to instantly brighten your outdoor space.


6. Consider new design features. Pergolas are fantastic for creating a real feature in your garden and we have a range of designs to choose from. Couple this with a trellis and a garden mirror, and your garden will be completely transformed.


7. Update your outdoor lighting. Enjoying your garden in the evening when the weather is still nice is one of the perks of summer and adding some outdoor lighting can help make the experience even more enjoyable. Choose from floor spotlights, wall lighting or stylish garden lighting to really brighten up your evenings.


8. Encourage wildlife. Ponds are great for a variety of animals including birds and mammals, and open-faced flowers attract butterflies and bees. Bird feeders can also be a great decorative addition.


9. Increase your storage. You can never have enough storage, be it in your home or your garden, and if your shed has been neglected over the last few years, this is a great time to choose a new model with as much available storage as possible.


10. Change your structure. If you want more of a dramatic change to your garden, consider changing the structure. New fences are great for added privacy and the addition of a border around your lawn can really help transform the space.


If you have any questions about any of our featured products or any of the items we stock here at Landscape World, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

- The Landscape World Team.