A Guide to Different Types of Paving

We stock a range of different pavings here at Landscape World, and it sometimes feels like the choices are endless! We’ve created an easy guide to discuss what makes each type of paving unique. 

Natural Stone

Natural stone is an incredibly hard-wearing and slip-resistant paving that will last a lifetime. Its natural colour variation means that one section won’t look exactly the same as the next, something which would instantly give your garden character and vibrancy. Here at Landscape World, we stock a range of natural, earthy tones that are carefully handpicked. Much of the natural stone in the UK is imported, and we make sure to only use suppliers who can prove that their products are responsibly sourced. 

Natural Granite

For a clean look, granite paving is the perfect choice - it’s symmetrical, has straight edges and a lightly textured surface. In paving terms, it’s the ultimate luxury natural stone option. If you’re looking for a modern and contemporary patio, then this would be the ideal paving for your outdoor space. What’s also great about it is the different colour options, ranging from light ‘glacier’ to dark ‘graphite’..

Natural Slate

Beautiful yet incredibly tough, natural slate paving is a firm favourite in the UK. Its low water absorption means that it’s resistant to frost damage, perfect for all of our turbulent weather! Texture-wise, natural slate can be smooth or lightly riven, depending on the type that you purchase. Available in grey, blue and black shades, we import our slate from India and Brazil to ensure a high-quality finish.

Take a look at our full range of natural slate options that will look great in either a contemporary or traditional setting.



Manufactured Paving

With manufactured paving, the choices are endless. This particular type of paving can provide the exact texture or colour that you want for your outdoor space, in either a traditional or contemporary style—it really is up to you! From wood-effect paving to paving with a chamfered finish, each variation differs greatly from the next. This type of paving is also ideal for those wanting to incorporate a paving circle or other feature into their garden, because of the versatile nature of manufactured paving.


Porcelain Paving

If you’re looking for paving that requires low maintenance and a sleek finish, our porcelain paving might be a great option for you. Formed by baking a mixture of sand, clay and other materials at a high temperature, the material produced is highly durable and non-porous. Because of its resistant nature, the paving is very unlikely to stain or obtain scratches. With that in mind, it is recommended for those who use their garden regularly, and for those with garden tables and chairs!

Similarly to manufactured paving, porcelain paving is available in a range of different colours and textures. 

Come and Visit

We hope that this guide has helped you to understand the differences between our different paving options and find out which type would best suit your needs.

If you want to see our full range on display, then come and visit our specialist paving centre in Widnes. We have a specialist team of friendly staff who are on hand to help you with all of your paving needs.