Garden Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

With Easter around the corner, you might be coming up with plans to celebrate. If you’ve got children/family or friends with children, a fairly-spacious garden and a knack for fun, then you should definitely consider turning your outdoor space into an Easter extravaganza! Take a look at our Easter egg hunt ideas that can help you utilise your garden space and have an egg-cellent time.


Easter Bunny Trail

If you have a garden pathway or a long stretch of paving, you can easily turn it into a bunny trail. Having rabbit footprints dotted along your patio can help create the illusion that the Easter Bunny has visited, and can be turned into a game too!

How? All you need is a shoebox lid, a pair of scissors and some flour. First, you need to cut out two simple, rabbit-shaped paws into the shoebox lid using the scissors. You then need to head outside, place the shoebox lid over the spot where you want the trail to start, and gently pour some flour into the lid. Continue doing this along the whole path, leaving enough space that will allow the kids to hop between footprints.

Voilà! You should now have a marvellous Easter Bunny trail! To make it into a game, you could strategically place small chocolate eggs and treats on the path, but in difficult reaching distance of the footprints. If older kids are playing, make sure that the eggs are placed a fair distance away so that it’s more challenging for them. Whoever completes the path and retrieves the most eggs without moving their feet from the footprints wins!

What’s great about using flour is that it can be swept away easily, or washed off with a hose or watering can. Fun, simple and mess-free!

‘Reversed’ Easter Egg Hunt

If you want to get involved in the Easter fun yourself, you could let the kids create an Easter egg hunt for the adults!

Instead of searching for chocolate eggs, the adults could hunt for plastic eggs filled with special coupons. These coupons could contain childrens’ ‘wishes’, e.g. staying up after their bedtime, skipping household chores or choosing a film for the family to watch.

You could set a time limit, and the eggs/treats that aren’t discovered by the adults must be granted to the kids. So make sure you find all of the eggs!

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