How To Look After Your Block Paving Driveway

No matter how well block paving has been laid or how much you’ve spent on quality materials, your driveway will require maintenance to keep it looking great!

So, we’ve put together a list of the best ways to look after your block paving driveway.



It’s often the case with old block paving that sand between the bricks wears away. Pressure washers are one of the biggest culprits for this! However, the natural elements will gradually cause the sand to break down leaving unsightly gaps in your driveway.

Reinstating sand in between the joins is a quick and easy way to fill those pesky gaps. All you need is some kiln-dried sand and a bristle brush to sweep the sand between the gaps. It’s also worth doing some research on the best driveway paving products and reliable contractors to suit your needs.



After some time the impacts of oil stains, moss or algae can cause your paving to look untidy. Block paving can be effectively cleaned using new coats of sealant to prevent further recolouring of brickwork.

If you experience a build-up of moss or algae in particular, first remove the moss by scraping the area or you can use a specific moss and algae killer. Once the moss is killed you can simply brush the debris away and clean the remains. 



Weeds found in your driveway can be difficult to remove, but when they’re developing between the gaps of your driveway you should extract them as soon as possible.

The simple method would be to prise the weeds out with your hands or a sharp-edged tool, yet it’s important to be mindful not to scratch the paving bricks as this could affect the overall look of your driveway.

When advising customers on the best way to prevent weeds growing in their driveway we often suggest non-chemical methods. This is because it’s not only harmful to the environment, but it can also cause damage to surrounding plants and potentially affect the colour of your paving.

We understand that weed killer is often required as a last resort. So if you’re going to use it we recommend using it down the sides of your driveway rather than spreading it across the whole surface.



We know that cleaning your driveway probably isn’t on your list of priorities, but to make life easier you should consider treating it every two years to ensure it sparkles for longer.


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We hope we’ve given you more of an idea on how to look after your block paving driveway.

If you’re still unsure about the best methods of treating your driveway then get in touch with our expert team today!