Not Sure How To Tackle Sett Edges?

Setts are a simple and easy way to create a garden path or driveway, and they're not too different to flags when it comes to laying. We've asked the Paving Expert for his top tips on how to create the best look for your patio or driveway with setts.



"Although setts are most commonly used to create paved areas in their own right, they are a great way of spicing up an area of flags. They are very versatile and you can use them to create a perimeter border or to form break bands dividing up larger areas.

They can also look fantastic when used to replace a whole flag within a patio or driveway, as they offer a contrasting texture and possibly, a contrasting colour. Clever use of setts as detailing gives a completed project that sense of style, which shows someone has thought about it, rather than just plonking down flag after flag after flag.

Setts, as well as cubes and cobbles, really need to be embedded into mortar, in more or less the same way as flags. Use a moist mix of mortar, and a bond bridge will help ensure these smaller units stay put.

Don't forget that even small paving units need to have a fall to ensure water drains off the surface."



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- The Landscape World Team.