Get Your Garden Ready for Autumn With Our Tips

The colder weather has definitely started to set in here in the North West and we thought it was time to start thinking about our gardens this Autumn! 

It's the perfect time to start laying the foundations for a fantastic garden come spring next year and for getting some ideas about creating a new paved patio area, or sprucing up your driveway. 

So as the gorgeous golden and brown leaves begin to fall, follow our top tips to get the most out of your outdoor space over the next few months. 


1. Now's the time to plant more bulbs and shrubs ready for Spring next year. If you fancy a rearrange of your existing shrubs, move them now so they can settle in over the winter months.



2. Autumn leaves are about to start falling so if you have a pond in your garden, make sure you invest in some substantial netting to keep it spick and span.



3. If you have large tubs, they can be susceptible to cracking in the frosty weather. Try covering them with bubblewrap, hessian or fleece to protect them during the colder months.



4. Autumn is the perfect time to get your garden equipment serviced if it has been used a lot over the last few months. If you're storing lots of gardening tools and larger equipment, organise them properly in your shed so they'll be ready to use next year.



5. As your garden begins to fill with fallen golden leaves, simply rake them up and create your own compost heap - it's ideal for nourishing and protecting your outdoor space in lots of ways!



6. Fancy growing your own vegetables or adding to your vegetable patch? September and October are the months to start planting onions, garlic, spinach, broad beans, asparagus and peas - delicious!



7. If you have lots of pots on your patio, consider raising them onto bricks. This will help avoid their containers sitting directly in the winter wet weather. 



8. To save turning your lawn into a muddy area in the wet Autumn months, consider laying a path or stepping stones for easy access to areas where you generally need to tread. We have a fantastic range of setts and dedicated stepping stones to create the perfect, durable path.


We'd love to hear about your top tips for looking after your outdoor space this Autumn - you can get in touch with us over on Twitter @Landscapeworld8 or on Facebook at

- The Landscape World Team.