Paving Ideas For Small Gardens

Having a small patio garden doesn’t mean you’ve got to sacrifice style or substance when putting your own stamp on it. In fact, you can even afford to be more creative with your smaller space as well as having an outdoor area that’s easy to maintain.

So to get you inspired, we’ve pulled together a selection of small paved garden design ideas, just in time for those summer BBQs! 

Mix It Up 

When thinking of paving slabs, we usually think of big patio spaces or driveways, don’t we? On the contrary, the strong architectural lines that paving slabs provide make any smaller space immediately look more attractive - especially when contrasted with other materials like wooden decking or decorative stones. Incorporating something like our Brazilian Slate Paving in Blue-Black would work in this instance, especially for those wanting a darker, more modern patio feature. This contemporary take on garden paving is sure to transform your outdoor space. 

Simply Symmetrical 

Small paved garden design ideas don’t have to be ultra modern, however. Classic organisational styles are also a great way of switching up your small garden, and keeping it tidy. Why not create symmetry within your space with some elegant borders using paving stones? These can then be lined with delicate lavender plants or even some climbers on the surrounding walls. Our Natural Stone Setts and Pavers would be great for this. Drawing the eye to the centre of the garden like this is a lovely way of giving your petite patio some real impact. 

Bring the Inside, Out

A great way of creating the illusion of a larger space is to create a feeling of continuity as you leave the house and enter the garden. By choosing a paving slab that matches - or is similar to - the flooring inside of the house, you will give the impression that the garden is simply an extension of the living space. This Quartz Grey Porcelain Paving is great, as its delicate hues means it could easily match your kitchen or conservatory flooring. Combine this with plenty of greenery and some great outdoor seating and you’ve got the perfect area for entertaining, or for simply enjoying by yourself with a good book. 

Whether you want more of a contemporary feel, or something a little more classic, there are so many different small paved garden design ideas out there. You can find out more about the paving slabs and paving stones that we offer using the links.

If you’re still stuck on deciding what kind of garden paving to go for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to help. Happy gardening!