Our Favorite Garden Trends This Year

2021 is out the door and it’s time for a new year! With this new year comes new garden trends – tips, tricks, and strategies for keeping your garden a beautiful space you want to spend time in. 

From balcony gardens to vintage touches, discover the top garden trends for 2022.

Beautiful balcony gardens

Even if you don’t have much outdoors to work with you can still transport yourself into nature with a bit of greenery. If you have a balcony or a terrace, turning this slice of outdoors into a garden can be a great way to invite nature into your space.

Try getting inventive with over-rail hanging systems or interesting pots. Depending on your location and how much sun your balcony gets, you may have to think carefully about the plant life you opt for, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the joys of gardening in a tight space!

Inventive vertical gardens

Another great idea if you have limited space, vertical gardens are those that creep up walls, turning the space into a green oasis. 

Vertical gardens are great for growing herbs and other edible plants as you have ready access to all of them at all times. For pops of colour, consider including the odd pot of flowers – this can break up the monotony of green and encourage local pollinating wildlife like bees as well.

Modern meets vintage

Pallet gardens have been a growing trend for a while, but 2022 is seeing the emergence of a new upcycling idea: using old cupboards and wardrobes as unique garden storage options for plants and gardening accessories.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration to jump on this gardening trend. Just remember to fully treat the furniture you opt to use for the outdoors, lest you end up with a soggy wooden mess before long.

Indoors meets outdoors

You ought to view your garden as an extension of your house. Your courtyard or patio is a room unto itself – even if it’s small you ought to give it the right treatment.

A great way to merge the indoors and outdoors is through paving. Consider using porcelain paving as a way to add a touch of the indoors to your patio – these give the illusion of extending your indoor aesthetic without sacrificing on functionality.

Another way to blur the line between the indoors and outdoors is with quirky outdoor furnishings. Opt for garden furniture that could easily fit in inside the house or apartment. Outdoor cushions and rugs also help seal the deal. Just remember anything that goes outside has to be weatherproof.

Stunning succulents

Succulents were a big deal in 2021 and the trend is only continuing in 2022. These hardy, easy to care for plants are great options for gardeners who want to enjoy a stunning array of plant life without the overwhelming care that usually comes with it.

When choosing which succulents to install, take a careful look at your lighting conditions. Some succulents do better in partial shade while others enjoy full, bright sunlight. You should also be mindful of how big some succulents grow. If you only have a small balcony, opting for a Jade plant probably isn’t in your best interest.

Sustainable gardens

Looking after the planet is key this year so gardening in a more sustainable way is paramount. When it comes to planting, try opting for prairie-style planting wherein you plant your garden in natural unstructured swathes of nectar-rich plants. The goal is to create a sanctuary for local wildlife. By planting the right flora, you’ll encourage butterflies, birds, and bees to make your garden their home.

When going sustainable you should also ditch the chemicals when gardening and opt for natural methods and products wherever possible. Boost your soil quality naturally with composting and homemade leaf mould.

Romantic garden designs

Cottage-core is a big deal this year and your garden designs will be better for it. When opting for a romantic garden design, you should look at things like your pots, pavers, and outdoor furniture. Choose pieces that harken back to traditional cottage settings and encourage introspection.

Paving-wise, you should look at sandstone paving or limestone paving. Both bring the cottage-core aesthetic to the fore and ensure your outdoor area doesn’t look overly polished or sterile.

Edible gardens

Edible gardens are a great way to save money and give yourself a rewarding sense of self-accomplishment. 2022 will see a massive spike in this trend as we spend even more time at home, looking to make our space as sustainable as possible.

When building an edible garden you have to think carefully about how you tend it. Sustainable practices are paramount including the avoidance of harsh chemicals.

Edible gardens are also a great way to involve your kids in the gardening process. They’re more likely to eat something they’ve had a hand in growing, improving their diet and engaging them in a natural way.

Garden for the new year

Garden trends may come and go but creating a beautiful space to spend your time outdoors is forever. With these few 2022 garden trends, you’ll be able to step into the new year with a sense of style and comfort as you bring a little bit of greenery into your otherwise modern life.

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